Homemade Tea-smoked Bacon Part 2

So last week I started the process of making bacon.  I bought about 1.5kg of pork belly from the friendly people at the market outside school.  It cost me 29 元 (which is about the price of a glass of beer).  This allowed me to start the first process of bacon-making, that being the curing of it.  I made a mixture of salt,  brown sugar, pepper, crushed bay leaves and fennel seeds and then lovingly rubbed half of it into the pork.  This is important as you want the curing rub to cover everything and get into every little crevice.  This helps draw moisture out of the pork and imparts some flavour. Once that was done, it was into a zip-lock bag and into the fridge.  A couple of days later, the bag had a good amount of juice in it, so I drained it off and rubbed the remaining curing mixture into the pork.  All up the pork has been curing in the fridge for the past 7 days.  It is firm to the touch, no squishy bits, which is what you want.  Tomorrow I will take it out and get ready for the final part, tea-smoking.  As I have already cut the piece of pork belly into two manageable pieces I am wondering whether I should just smoke one half or do both?  Decisions…


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