Suining International Fridge Turning On festival is one day on the local calendar I personally look forward to.  It occurs sometime in spring and I’m convinced it works off the lunar cycle.  Normally it occurs too late for my liking, at a time when the weather is warm enough to mean latent temperatures equate to warm beer.  It coincides with a polar shift in the retail mindset around here, where beer cans and bottles get dumped into fridges and fridge switches are unceremoniously flicked to their ‘on’ positions.  You are likely to soon see me tweaking supermarket and shop fridge temperatures further downward, willy-nilly, in an attempt to get beer colder, faster.  So end the dark days of having to buy beer and wait for it to cool in the fridge at home. It’s one day of the year, that to me, marks a return to sanity.


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