Don’t Look Now, I Can Hear You

Don’t look now, no one else is.  Default behaviour where we live.  Maybe you think that by merging into traffic before looking, you are taking the guesswork out of your visual capabilities?  Maybe you haven’t noticed that you are driving up the street the wrong way?  Maybe, by not having a mirror on that E-Bike you trust in your non-evident indicating skills?  Does being a pedestrian mean you have default proxy on crossing the road, anytime, anywhere, without a cursory glance?

Don't Look Now

Use the horn.  I’m stuck in foot traffic on my E-Bike inside the local market.  I’m in a vehicle bigger than yours, speeding and coming up behind you.  I see your standing safely on the side of the road.  I’m behind you waiting at the red light.  These are all perfectly justifiable situations for use of the horn, tip of the iceberg scenario.  I swear they could design vehicles here that come with intermittent horn sounds, whenever the vehicle is in motion.

Don’t look now.  Unless as you do you have seen me, in which case you are going to look again and stare.  Looking European in a small town in China is stare worthy.  If you see me be sure and say out loud ‘foreigner’ as well, even if you are by yourself.  If you have a small child with you, be sure to point their gaze in my general direction.  No don’t look now, your too busy on your E-Bike, talking on your mobile phone with three kids in tow anyway.


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