Charming Barbeque Flavor

I must admit it was the purple packaging that drew my gaze to this snack.  It’s an endless pursuit to find edible potato chips where we live.  These chips are called I’believe.  That definitely appealed to my sense of judgement.  But what could Charming Barbeque Flavor really taste like?  Charming and barbeque are not words I often encounter in the same sentence.  Sure, I’ve shared some charming barbeque moments but I must admit to being intrigued as to what flavour charming barbeque was.


The initial taste is slightly sweet.  There is no hint of barbeque, spice or heat.  I can only imagine the picture of barbequed meat on the front of the packet is a decoy.  The initial sweetness gives way to a mild tangy cheesiness and that’s about it.  They are chips in a thin cut sense but the potato semblance is vague and disconcerting.  These aren’t a chip lover’s potato chip, they are the chip of an ill-informed never experienced the real thing, uneducated, reconstituted chip market.  They didn’t even go soft and stale after being opened for 8 hours.  I don’t believe.


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