Signs of Our Times

You see some interesting signs in China. English usage is increasing, as are attempts at bi-lingual signage.  The first sign, in the Sign of Our Times entries, was seen in a local men’s urinal.


Deformed Person.  I didn’t use the deformed persons cubicle as I assumed it was meant for a disabled person.  Indeed there is a picture of the internationally acclaimed stick figure and wheelchair, to indicate so.  I must admit I found the signage amusing for a number of reasons.  First, most disabled persons are going to struggle to use this squat toilet with no handrails.  Second, I doubt there would be universal acceptance and uptake of the word deformed to refer to disabled people.  Third, deformed conjures up quite a different picture to disabled.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend the use of this deformed persons toilet.  It has access issue, the cubicles have been designed door-less, there’s no toilet paper, there’s no soap and I’m fairly sure the toilet drains into the canal it sits above.  The deformed persons toilet is an attempt to provide convenience for all, but as with a lot of things around here, the execution is foreign.


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