Outside Pyjamas

Recently there have been a number of articles in the papers back home about wearing pyjamas outside of the home.  The comments on these stories ran into the hundreds, discussing everything from what is deemed acceptable attire to go down to the shops in, the unseemly nature of outside pyjama wearing, and the mental state of people who do so.  Here in China however, I can with confidence assure you that it is totally acceptable and in winter almost mandatory.  Pyjama wearing is not just for the young and lazy as some commentators have espoused, here the pyjama wearing public include the young and old, male and female, business people and parents, you name it.  I have to admit that the winter padded pyjamas look toasty and warm and I have considered buying some myself.  The winter here is very cold (-10 degrees celsius) so wearing some toasty padded pyjamas to go do the shopping in, sounds like a logical idea to me.


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