Rubbish in any Language

Rubbish heap, rubbish mound, small pile of rubbish, seen em all.  Rubbish truck, I saw you twice this year.  Burning rubbish pile, I smell you most days.  Opportunist rubbish collector, I see you all the time.  Why then is there so much rubbish out there?  In the photo we see a rubbish collection area at the end of a street, on a bridge over a city canal.  Rubbish is deposited at any unused junction of a street, bridge, new road or communal point as decided upon as mutually acceptable.  I have seen used: unfinished roads, lay-bys, nooks, crannies, middle of roads, sides of roads and perhaps the most seen, the side street next to our school.  It was never a road ‘road’ apparently.  It’s gravel on some bitumen with small gardens on one-side and textile shops on the other.  There is the worst smelling public toilet to boot that conveniently wafts with the prevailing wind.  Rubbish levels range from piles of plastic filled bags to concrete to grass clippings and occasionally you get the big digger around to scoop it all up and it’s trucked away.  Rubbish, but why?  There is no collective recycle-reuse-reinvent mind set.  There weren’t even rubbish bins up until 18 months ago.  Hence the common use of the ‘end of the street’ for rubbish dumping.


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