Safety Not Guaranteed

So I had just had a $6 hair cut and I crossed the street.  I saw these two just hanging about.  They looked like a husband and wife team.  Perfect unison.  I can’t say I envied them.  They were only about three stories up, but that’s three more than I would care to share with anybody.  It didn’t look like the safest set up going.  It reminds me of the danger that exists in the day-to-day run of the mill stuff.   In the weekend I enjoyed sitting in the back of a friend’s car whilst they drove around town.  It seemed like there was a lot to see.  I realised that when I am out there on my bike I spend so much of my time avoiding accidents that I really don’t get to take in my surrounds.  I think the key to safer roads where I live is more adherence to the basics like keep right, don’t drive against the traffic and take the odd look before you manoeuvre that car.  Safety is not guaranteed and I can guarantee you it’s not safe.


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