English Muffins

The lack of bread options in China can be frustrating.  I miss that mouth-watering, yeasty smell of hot bread straight out of the oven.  Butter slowly melting as you bite into a nice slice of fresh bread.  Yum.  So anyway, I decided that enough was enough and a couple of months ago, embarked upon my oven-less bread baking.  Thanks to google, I discovered that English Muffins are made on the stove-top, perfect for my oven-less Chinese kitchen.  I used this English Muffin recipe and went to work.  Baking heaven!  A kneading workout! They rose beautifully and after a few minutes in the frying pan were ready to taste. Splitting them burned my fingers in my rush to get them opened and buttered, but it was well worth it.


4 thoughts on “English Muffins

  1. Yes the muffins sound a great idea and I guess they freeze well , you have such great ideas and inspire me to try other ideas thanks for that xx

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