The Depot

Monday night. No bookings. Arrived 6 pm. Table for four. No problems. Lets relax. Drinks. All good. No lager on tap he says. Into it. Wait person wants to order for us. Are we taking too long here?  Water refills abound, we must look dehydrated. Do they really have to reach right across the table to replenish glasses? They do, it’s tight in here. Food decisions made. You’re not ordering enough, he says. Oh. It’s plates to share here. Toilet run. Oh no. The toilets are dishevelled. They’re expanding. No excuse. There is a ladder in one cubicle. It’s a walk in share 6 affair. Enough said, not acceptable. Wine time. Central Otago Pinot on tap. Nice. Food wise highs and lows. New Zealand meat board, did they leave half in the kitchen? Pork hock, more of that please. Our cohorts informed us that this place is impossibile to get into without a wait, any other time. Good times. I was left questioning price to value for money ratio. Repeat visit, maybe for the pre-lunch menu and more Pinot.


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