Truck Driving Man

A recent episode of Man Made Home in which, whilst searching out recyclable lorry windows, Kevin McCloud unearthed pooh in a bag, got me thinking. Where exactly do all those truck, lorry and other long distance transients pooh and why if in times of need, in a bag?  Sad but true, truck drivers are not alone in cable laying expertise.

On a recent shopping expedition, at the entrance of a restaurant that I know has toilets, a toddler’s parent was allowing it to defecate into a plastic bag. Done in plain sight, I admit to being surprised. Alas, I was alone. Diners casually munched, workers dutifully worked, parents picked up a useful insight into parenting, perhaps. Due to my unfortunate timing, I witnessed said parent leave the child’s deposit in its bag, right where it was made.

What is to be taken from this? Toilets are obviously seen as a necessary evil. I can attest to my fear of having to use a public toilet for prolonged affairs, where I live. Parents are obviously disillusioned with toilet inadequacies. I would have presumed that the point of pooh in a bag was the ease of ridding oneself of an unwanted deposit . Unfortunately, pavement poohing bag squelchers are not alone. Footpath peeing toddlers are more numerous. In situations like this I often wonder have I taken this all out of context? Could I seamlessly transplant this casual bowel behaviour to any street of the world? You tell me……


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