Temple Me Up

Temple Restaurant, Beijing.  It’s a restaurant inside an old temple that has been a TV factory, amongst other things.  It was a hot day in old Beijing.  We spent the morning in the Forbidden City, which was busy but thoroughly enthralling.  The Temple (TRB) is a bar and restaurant that focuses on high quality food and has a wine manifesto of ample proportions.  Escaping the heat, we entered through the backdoor being uncertain of where we were, but that was half the fun.  Food wise lunch is a sure fire winner.  3 or 4 course set menu with Amuse Bouche and post dessert jellies included.  Bring it on.

My dining decisions read Lyonnais frisee salad, lamb rack and polenta and the super chocolate dessert including Saint Malo, biscuit sacher, chocolate ganache and caramel.  In hindsight I might have forgone the salad but the breadbasket complimented it well.  Service was all suit and ties.  Drinks wise I opted for a sloe gin, Earl Grey, blueberry and citrus infused cocktail and a grand cru Rodenbach Flanders red ale.

I must say that seldom a more enjoyable two hours has passed.  But passed it did without fail.  Honestly, when you’re next in the big BJ, give it shot.


Holiday Time

So we have been on holiday now for 5 weeks, hence a lack of posts. We are back in the southern hemisphere experiencing winter, a cool break from the heat of China’s summer. So what have I been enjoying lately?
1. Sparkling waters
2. Beautiful sunsets
3. Watching winter-swimming
4. Catching up with family and friends
5. Cycling from one side of NZ to the other

Exit Observations

Leaving somewhere always brings a big bunch of mixed emotions to the surface.  Today I visited my friend, and on the bike ride there, decided that an entry a day, up until my exit, was in order.  Point of order number one; my man-bag.  Just recently, due to the onset of the summer heat, I have taken on the use of a man-bag.  When you are sweating from the knees and you realise you need to loosen the load-bearing weight around the sweaty crotch region, what is in your pockets goes into the man-bag.  So far I have tested two prototypes.  Prototype one and quite successful, was a toilet bag I was given.  It’s got a handle bar strap, handy for the bike, and three compartments.  It hasn’t had the obligatory lotion spill in it yet from plane decompression, so it’s in fairly good shape.  Prototype two is the wife’s Cath Kidston handbag.  It’s a bit big in reality, but that six-pack of beer tucks away nicely inside.  I must admit both make me realise I am a man carrying a man-bag, but hey, what you going to do?  Men in China man-bag it all the time.  I have to be more fashion conscious.