Mr. Beer Supermarket

Here are my simple ingredients for staying in Beijing.

1.  Stay central.
2.  You will need bikes.
3.  Get lost but have a map.

Simple really.  On day one of a recent trip to the big city, we stumbled upon Mr. Beer Supermarket.  “Lets just take a quick look” he said.  Gobsmacked was the reaction.  Big fridges with a big beer selection.  Big beer fridges with a big Belgian beer selection.  Cold, big beer fridges with a big Belgian beer selection.  Well I won’t lie and deny that one beer didn’t become two and I won’t deny that repeat visits weren’t warranted, because they were.  This place is small.  Has air conditioned inside comfort as well as outside seating.  Reasonable prices.  Friendly staff.  Food if you are so inclined.  Wifi.  It’s a beer nirvana of sorts.  The best part, a Belgian beer glass collection to compliment Belgium’s finest brews.

Mr. Beer Supermarket.  Every town needs one.  If only I lived more local.  Thanks Mr. Beer Supermarket, you have single-handedly reinvigorated my passion for Belgian ale.   Check it.

Number 41 Mao Er Hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing.